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3 Major Benefits of a Secure On-Site Shredding Program

In today’s world of business, on-site paper shredding is quickly gaining popularity as the most secure method of ensuring compliance and document destruction. With privacy laws, like HIPAA for example, companies are legally responsible for the protection of customer information, and failure to comply can be costly. That means they need to be 100 percent…
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Community Partners: Local Document Shredding Solutions Compared to ‘Big Box Shredders’

In today’s age of modern identity theft, companies have to be certain that they destroy their data. There is no room for error when it comes to keeping your business’s, your employees’, and your customers’ confidential information safe and secure. That’s why most businesses find partnering with a local shredding service is a practical and…
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Press Release: Mobile Shredding Association Against Move to Diminish the Importance of On-site Shredding

In an announcement made during an Earnings Report Conference Call on April 28, 2016 Stericycle, the largest on-site shredding company in the world built on the slogan “on-site done right”, announced a deliberate move to convert all Shred-It clients from on-site to off-site shredding. In short, the report reflects their intent to convert the Shred-It…
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