Why Shred?

Because prying eyes can compromise you and your clients, causing long-term effects.

Imagine having to explain to a customer, client, or worse, an employee, that their data or identity has been compromised. That can happen to you!

Each year mismanagement of sensitive material costs businesses millions of dollars in liability and/or lost productivity.

Every business has information that requires destruction.

Customer lists, price lists, sales agreements, contracts, banking information, any and all information regarding business activity which would interest any competitor. Even your phone messages or misprinted forms can contain all sorts of sensitive information.

Every individual/household has information that requires destruction.

Millions of us face the growing problem of identity theft each year. The method of choice is low tech and offline, such as: dumpster diving, stolen wallets, checkbooks and mailboxes.

Be responsible.

The State of Georgia enacted a privacy law in 2002 that subjects businesses to potential fines of up to $10,000 for improper handling of confidential client information.

So, what should I shred?

  • Bank Documents Tax Records
  • Legal Documents Credit Card Numbers
  • Medical Records Cancelled Checks
  • Telephone Numbers Contracts
  • Credit Card Statements Personnel Files
  • Account Records Training Information
  • Mail Solicitations Payroll Records

For more information on document destruction and security, visit the FTC website.

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