Yes! We Recycle Your Shredded Paper

shreded paper ready to be recycled

Many of our customers ask us what happens to their shredded documents after they’ve been through the shredder.

The answer is simple. They are recycled and turned into something useful.

Your discarded documents are turned into very small confetti-shaped pieces of paper. These paper fragments are then securely transferred to a recycling facility where they are consolidated, processed and then shipped to factories where they are transformed into new paper products such as writing paper, newsprint, paper towels, post-it notes, envelopes and more. You might even end up using some of your old shredded office documents as toilet paper!

Knowing that your shredded documents will have a new life instead of ending up in landfill is a positive thing for you if you want to improve your environmental responsibility and reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

As an extra bonus, for every ton of paper that is recycled, you save: 17 small trees, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and 7,000 gallons of water. This savings is the result from producing paper from recycled stock vs. from virgin pulp.

Shredding a lot of paper is unfortunately a necessary part of running a secure organization, but at least with EcoShredding you know that these documents are safe and headed for recycling.

We work with trusted recycling partners that handle your shredded documents with great care. We also issue you a Certificate of Destruction after each shred, so that you can rest assured that your documents have been completely destroyed.

With EcoShredding, you can rest assured. Your shredded paper doesn’t end up in landfill with other office waste.

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