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Self Assessment: Does Your Organization Comply with Privacy Legislation?

Private Legislation Confidential casePrivacy laws are designed in part to help strengthen document and data protection to ensure your business’s, employees’, and customers’ personal information is kept safe from identity criminals.

There is one problem: Every organization is left on its own to understand and follow privacy laws in relation to its specific business and industry.

Despite this problem, the consequences to not understanding or following privacy laws are dire. Failure to follow and meet legislation such as HIPAA can result in huge fines, penalties, and damage to your reputation that could cripple your business.

The following list will give a good idea if your business or organization is following best practices when it comes to legislation compliance.

1. Purpose for Collecting Data

Organizations know exactly all of the personal data they collect and use (names, addresses, etc.) There is always a stated purpose for all data that is collected.

2. Document Shredding

To ensure document security, paper and data are previewed regularly to determine if it is really needed. If not, the data and documents are securely destroyed by a document destruction partner. There is a chain of custody whether onsite or off. A certificate of destruction is issued after every shred.

3. Awareness

The organization is aware of legislation that is applicable. Document destruction plans are in place and enforced throughout all levels of the company. Strategies can include a Clean Desk Policy for employees.

4. Education and training

The organization believes in proper education to fully understand the best practices around compliance. There is a company-wide culture of privacy. Security training and scam awareness is on-going. Mistakes made by employees are a common cause of data breaches.

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