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4 Document Shredding Mistakes to Avoid

Document Shredding Risks for Your BusinessIt might surprise you to find that most companies today don’t have a document security policy – despite the growing number of mishandled paper documents – leaving them open to several common document shredding mistakes.

Without a proper shredding policy, your company could lose millions in non-compliance fees, lost business and legal costs. When it comes to the protection of confidential information, there are many ways companies can go wrong.

However, document shredding mistakes are easily avoidable with the proper training and a company commitment to avoiding risky behavior.

Here are five ways your document shredding process might be at risk (as well as potential solutions to prevent them from ever happening):

Document Shredding Mistake #1: No Policy in Place

The first and most dangerous mistake you can make when it comes to handling sensitive documents is not having any shredding process in place. Without a formal document security policy, your employees are left with no direction or procedure for protection confidential information.

Solution: Use this quick evaluation to help you determine your current ability to eliminate document security risks and inform your next steps as you update your company shredding policy.

Document Shredding Mistake #2: No Secure Recycling and Waste Bins

If you use open recycling and waste bins, negligent disposal occurs, And that means you’re leaving confidential information at risk. In fact, an earlier study identified trash bins as one of the highest risk locations for paper documents.

Solution: Partner with a document shredding professional that will provide you with locked containers or executive consoles to dispose of papers, trained personnel, and a certificate of destruction after each shred.

Document Shredding Mistake #3: No Employee Training

It’s no secret that your employees are your first line of defense when it comes to the protection of confidential information and preventing document shredding mistakes. In 2015, Experian reported that employee negligence remains the least reported issue, despite its position as the leading cause of security incidents.

Solution: Provide on-going training and transparent company shredding policy guidelines for each employee to limit the potential risk of document shredding mistakes.

Document Shredding Mistake #4: No Expert Shredding Partnership

If you aren’t using a professional document destruction service, you could be leaving your business, employees, and customers at risk. Secure shredding service providers make the document destruction process convenient and can ultimately increase your office information security.

Solution: One of the most efficient solutions to prevent the risks around document safety is partnering with a professional shredding company. At EcoShredding, we determine the best security practices to avoid paper security risks and comply with the law. For your convenience, we offer service packages that range anywhere from daily to one-time purges.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a professional shredding company can help you protect your business, contact us online today!

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