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Benefits of Paper Recycling

Did you know the average office worker in the U.S. uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year? That’s four million tons of copy paper used annually! Of that, about 74 percent is recovered for recycling.

Once recycled, the paper can be transformed into many products including, masking tape, paper money, globes, bandages, dust masks, hospital gowns, coffee filters, lamp shades, car insulation, animal bedding, planting pots for seedlings and egg cartons.

Recycling non-contaminated paper has many environmental benefits, such as:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions that can contribute to climate change by avoiding methane emissions and reducing energy required for a number of paper products;
  • Extending the fiber supply and contributing to carbon sequestration;
  • Saving  landfill space;
  • Reducing energy and water consumption;
  • Decreasing the need for disposal.

-Source: U.S. EPA

Ready to start recycling? Earth 911 is a great resource to find locations near you that recycle paper and other products. Or better yet, call us at EcoShredding and we’ll destroy your sensitive documents AND recycle them!

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