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3 Major Benefits of a Secure On-Site Shredding Program

3 Major Benefits of a Secure On-Site Shredding ProgramIn today’s world of business, on-site paper shredding is quickly gaining popularity as the most secure method of ensuring compliance and document destruction.

With privacy laws, like HIPAA for example, companies are legally responsible for the protection of customer information, and failure to comply can be costly. That means they need to be 100 percent sure their sensitive information is being properly handled.

On-site document destruction, or also known as mobile paper shredding, means you hire a company to travel to your location to run your confidential documents through a mobile shredding truck. This allows for you or an employee to oversee the destruction opposed to off-site shredding, which means your documents are hauled off to a shredding facility.

If you are seeking a professional company to destroy sensitive information and help retain your solid reputation, there are three main advantages to choosing on-site shredding:

1. Quick and Convenient

The on-site paper shredding process is convenient and prompt, with state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks that come to you. In addition to scheduled shredding, most on-site shredding services provide secure bins for primary locations within your office to empty and destroy at a predetermined time.

2. Shredding Observation

One huge benefit of on-site shredding is the ability for you to witness any scheduled shredding with ease. Unlike off-site shredding, on-site shredding takes a matter of minutes, and you can personally ensure your documents are properly destroyed. Firsthand verification empowers you with an added measure of safety, as you are not required to trust unknown off-site personnel and widen the chain of custody.

3. Unrecoverable Documents

Documents are shredded and then mixed with other documents. The practice eliminates the possibility of reconstructing any documents. With an environmentally friendly bonus, the shredded documents are recycled in a final security step.

EcoShredding: Your Local Shredding Partner

At EcoShredding, we specialize in mobile, on-site document destruction and offer daily, weekly, monthly, and one-time purge service packages. Our experience and expertise in legal document destruction separate us from other shredding service providers.

We’ll work with you to help determine the most economical schedule and make sure your business fully complies with legislation while making the process as easy as possible.

Contact us today to find out more about the advantages of making the switch to a local on-site paper shredding company.

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