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Professional Document Shredding: Why It Matters for Your Business

Most business owners understand the need to dispose of important paper documents properly, which can contain quite a bit of information that would be harmful in the wrong hands. Obviously, this is where professional document shredding comes into play. However, some business owners fall short of understanding the need to let professionals handle their document…
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4 Document Shredding Mistakes to Avoid

It might surprise you to find that most companies today don’t have a document security policy – despite the growing number of mishandled paper documents – leaving them open to several common document shredding mistakes. Without a proper shredding policy, your company could lose millions in non-compliance fees, lost business and legal costs. When it…
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In-House Document Shredding: Calculating the Hidden Costs

Many businesses still practice DIY document destruction to cut costs.  What they might not realize is that in-house document shredding is not only less secure, but it’s also not very cost effective either. The problem is, document security continues to remain more important in the workplace with the average office worker using up to 45…
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