Shredding Event at Eastside Elementary

Shredding Event Additional Info:

Date:  4/22

Time:  10 am to 1 pm

Location:  Eastside Elementary, 3850 Roswell Rd., Marietta, GA 30062

Sponsor:  Keller Williams

5 box maximum/car


Your cell phone and your tablet hold a treasure trove of personal information that a stranger can use to commit fraud.  Protect yourself using these tips.

  1. Always require a password, a fingerprint scan, or facial recognition to open the lock screen on your smartphone.
  2. Install your financial institution’s mobile banking app on your tablet or smartphone to link directly to your bank’s computers and security system. It’s generally more secure than going to the website.
  3. Say “NO” to automatic logins to prevent someone from accessing your financial accounts if your device is stolen.
  4. Never log in to your account at a Wi-Fi hotspot or use public Wi-Fi to access financial accounts.
  5. Limit the public information you share on social networking sites. Identity thieves look for personal details to help them answer security questions to gain access to your accounts.

Marietta Shredding: Commercial Document Destruction Services

Commercial document destruction services in MariettaAll modern businesses today deal with confidential information in some shape or form and all are responsible for the security of these documents.

At EcoShredding, we are experts at delivering convenient, secure, and environmentally sound commercial document destruction services throughout the Marietta area. Our specialty is helping businesses disposes of confidential documents and papers while remaining compliant with state and federal privacy regulations.

Here are just a few of the shredding solutions we provide throughout the Marietta area:Read More

Document Destruction Best Practices: A Comprehensive Guide to Paper Shredding

Document Destruction Best PracticesFor modern businesses today, one of the most important security measures a company can take is ensuring secure document destruction.

Every organization holds confidential information on clients and operations alike. And without a proper document shredding policy, you face the risk of compromised company files, employee records and customer information.

To make sure your confidential information stays confidential, you need to create a company-wide shredding policy. Think of this guide to shredding as your one-stop-shop to determine which document destruction best practices you need to apply to your business as you cultivate your document security plan:Read More

How to Choose an Atlanta Document Shredding Company

Atlanta Document Shredding CompanyWhen it comes to the protection of your company files, employee records, and confidential client information, there is no margin for error.

For medical facilities, corporations, and government agencies, finding the right document shredding partner is a crucial step in ensuring sensitive information is properly and securely handled.

The shredding company you decide to partner with should deliver you the highest levels of privacy and security for you to achieve this goal. As you search for a professional document destruction company, look for a company that can meet your needs within a reasonable budget and timeline.Read More

Document Shredding Services in Roswell

Document Shredding Services in RoswellEvery business today deals with confidential information in some way, shape, or form – and responsible owners need to be concerned about the security of these documents. Outside of assuring documents are properly handled and destroyed, companies must also ensure they comply with Georgia and federal privacy regulations.Read More