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Welcome Spring, Goodbye Paper!

shredding during spring cleaningThe typical American uses 680 pounds of paper per year, and the average American household throws away approximately 13,000 separate pieces of paper each year.

Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to lighten up, in terms of the unnecessary documents and paper that have accumulated in your home or office. But throwing it in the landfill is both financially risky and environmentally unsound.

Individuals and businesses often unwittingly open themselves and their customers to identity theft when they throw away items such as bank statements, utility bills, medical forms, consumer information (including addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers), providing a cornucopia of personal information for Dumpster Divers to collect and misuse.

Even something as innocuous as a party invitation contains addresses, phone numbers, and dates that a thief might be able to use to their advantage.

EcoShredding’s method of disposing of paper waste diminishes the worry and risk of identity theft, by destroying documents in such a way that they cannot be read or reassembled. We destroy sensitive documents and other paper waste on-site in our state-of-the-art trucks, then safely dispose of the waste at a paper recycling facility, which is good for the environment by saving trees, landfill space and water, as well as reducing air pollution! (We also destroy electronic media, such as computer hard drives, safely and securely).

Celebrate Spring with a call to EcoShredding, and let us help you do your part to safeguard your identity and protect the environment. Contact us at 770-490-5607 or online at

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