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On-Site Commercial Shredding Services from EcoShredding

EcoShredding On-Site Commercial Shredding Services It’s a common misconception that shredding is a simple task one can easily handle on their own. Contrary to that belief, it’s important to ensure that your methods of destruction comply with state and federal privacy regulations. Outsourcing this job is the best way to keep your clients and your company safe.

Your Commercial Shredding Options

Professional shredding is a way to guarantee not only that you’re adhering to privacy laws but also that you’re provided with all the best shredding options.

  • Mobile Shredding
    Professional-grade shredders are brought to your property, and the shredding is done right in front of you so that you can put your mind at ease knowing your company is following proper protocol.

  • Container Service
    If you require document organization, consider secure, lockable containers to identify which documents to shred and which ones to keep. These containers safely hold information until you determine your data destruction needs.

  • Hard Drive Shredding
    Physical documents aren’t the only way to obtain sensitive information; computer hard drives also harbor confidential data. Hard drive shredding is the most effective option for protecting your company from information theft.

  • Certificate of Destruction
    Any professional shredding company should provide you with an official certificate of destruction as proof that sensitive information has been disposed of properly.

EcoShredding’s Specialties

EcoShredding is well-versed in all of the above services, but we also offer additional services that set us apart:

  • Convenient Scheduling. We make sure to tailor our services to your schedule by offering purge service packages that include daily, weekly, monthly, and even one-time purge services.
  • Recycling. EcoShredding is committed to a secure and sustainable process. We include recycling as part of our commercial shredding services.
  • Specialized Expertise. Different industries have different needs, and we always strive to cater to our customers’ individual needs. EcoShredding is experienced in the shredding standards for a variety of industries, including Medical, Legal and Financial.

If you’re interested in utilizing any of these services and find value in working with a locally owned, environmentally conscious business, please 
reach out to EcoShredding today!

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