Smyrna, GA Secure Shredding Services

EcoShredding is dedicated to ensuring your information security and privacy by providing you the highest quality shredding and destruction services.

We assist Smyrna, GA area businesses and residents with their document shredding needs, whether it’s for ongoing shred services or for one-time purges of stored documents. We will provide a customized paper shredding plan to fit your unique requirements. Call us today to schedule your shred service at (770) 490-5607.

Your Preferred Shredding Smyrna, GA Company

Located northwest of Atlanta, Smyrna, GA is in the inner ring of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Known as the “Jonquil City,” it derives this name from the thousands of jonquils that flourish in gardens and along the streets in early spring.

With EcoShredding services you can destroy unwanted paper, documents and files quickly and completely without the investment in shred machines and the labor required to shred it yourself.

We offer onsite mobile shredding for the disposal and destruction of your sensitive information, including hard drives. For each shred service we practice strict chain of custody procedures to ensure the confidentiality of your business records.

No matter what type of documents you wish to dispose of, we ensure that the privacy of your personal, business or client information is maintained throughout the entire shredding and destruction process.

Secure Paper Shredding

EcoShredding is proud to have served the Smyrna, GA community with secure paper shredding and digital media destruction services since 2008. We provide a full suite of onsite mobile shredding services for businesses and residents:

Destroyed For Your Peace of Mind

A major benefit of hiring EcoShredding as your onsite shredding service company is that we shred your files, paperwork and documents beyond recovery. Our mobile shredder equipment features advanced machinery that reduces the output to tiny pieces. These pieces are thoroughly mixed with other shredded paper in the truck, making it logistically impossible to reassemble a document. After the truck is filled, all shredded material is recycled. This process provides legal compliance with your required privacy laws.

Complete & Thorough Destruction of Your Documents & Records

EcoShredding services are designed to ensure your documents are completely destroyed. Our process is secure, 100% reliable, standards-compliant and tailored to meet your needs.

For your convenience, we will shred any records or media you need destroyed either at your home or business or at one of our convenient drop off locations.

We then issue a Certificate of Destruction for permanent confirmation of the service provided.

Your Green Shredding Solution in Smyrna

We chose the name EcoShredding for a reason—because we believe that protecting your information and protecting the environment can go together. Once we’ve shredded your documents into confetti-sized pieces, we mix them with thousands of pounds of shredded paper from other sources and securely transport them to our authorized recycling partner.

At EcoShredding, we are committed to information security and environment stewardship for clients in the Smyrna, GA area.

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Please give us a call at (770) 490-5607 or complete the form on this page to initiate your shredding request. We’re your affordable, eco-friendly and secure document destruction service in Smyrna, GA. We’re happy to serve you.

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