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Press Release: Mobile Shredding Association Against Move to Diminish the Importance of On-site Shredding

msa-logoIn an announcement made during an Earnings Report Conference Call on April 28, 2016 Stericycle, the largest on-site shredding company in the world built on the slogan “on-site done right”, announced a deliberate move to convert all Shred-It clients from on-site to off-site shredding. In short, the report reflects their intent to convert the Shred-It on-site accounts to off-site by 2018. The statement below is taken directly from Stericycle Inc. Earnings Report: Q1 Conference Call Transcript.

“Then you notify the customer. So you’re notifying all the customers that are currently on-site and you are letting them know that we are going to be switching their service from on-site shredding with a truck that has a shredder on it, to taking that back to our facility and shredding it back at our facility.”

The Mobile Shredding Association categorically opposes any effort to diminish the value of on-site, witnessed secure document destruction. The move to convert clients to off-site shredding increases the complexity in managing document chain of custody, effectively removes client’s option to witness destruction, and creates a delay between receiving of client materials and the destruction of those materials which will certainly not take place immediately and may not take place within an appropriate amount of time. MSA feels that clients who are accustomed to the convenience and security of on-site secure destruction services will not be well served by this change. MSA advises all clients should be aware of the additional risks of off-site shredding and added benefits of on-site secure destruction services so that they may make informed vendor choices based on their assessment of those risks.

The Mobile Shredding Association maintains its advocacy for additional security and preservation of privacy that is inherent in the mobile shredding process. MSA is assessing a range of options to enhance its mission to promote the client benefits secured through mobile shredding.

About the Mobile Shredding Association:

The Mobile Shredding Association serves commercial mobile shredding operators through education, networking, advocacy and certification programs. We are an association of one membership class; we are all CERTIFIED and have met the security standards that you demand of us. All MSA members are randomly audited on an annual basis to ensure we continually meet those security requirements.

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