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New Ecoshredding Truck

Ecoshredding recently get a new truck, and by truck we mean, awesome mobile shredding unit. The Shred-Tech MDS- 20GT is it’s official title, and not only does it look really cool, it has also increased our shredding capabilities.

The shredding throughput is 3,500 lbs/ hour which translates to 58 lbs per minute! Our new truck will hold 14,000 lbs of shredded material, this is equal to 7 tons of paper we recycle. Every time we dump our truck we are saving 119 small trees, 21 cubic yards of landfill space, and 49,000 gallons of water. On an average we dump our truck 3-4 times per month, which means we’re saving 357 small trees, 63 yards of landfill space and 147,000 gallons of water each month!

If you have any highly confidential personal information that you want to properly dispose of, you can witness your documents being shredded inside the truck. Our truck is equipped with a screen on the side so you can watch as your personal information is securely being destroyed.  This way there are no doubts when we drive away.

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