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Is a Recent Merger Disrupting Your Secure Shredding Program?

merger document shredding secure shred programIf you’re a client of a national shredding company, your secure shredding programs may have recently changed or a change could be in the works. Recent mergers may mean that your once attentive shredding service is no longer so conscientious of your needs. Most likely, if you are with a “big national,” the recent market changes have resulted in less service and a lot more confusion with billing and pick ups.

Through some recent intel, we’ve learned that long-time, original customers of some of these merged companies are still paying the old rate of $3.50/MINUTE. The organizations have never adjusted their rates to reflect the more competitive market and they still use their old manual-feed trucks which are extremely slow. With a higher charge per minute and a slow machine, bills can be substantially higher than today’s going rates.

Reports have also stated that some regularly scheduled customers of these entities are not having their items picked up regularly and repeated calls are required to get service.

Another report stated that one of the larger shredding companies only accepts white paper and advises clients to throw the “other stuff” away. This was once true of recycling programs – remember Weyerhaeuser’s WOW program – “White Office Waste?” However, it is unheard of in a secure shredding program. While the quality of the paper is important in recycling, it’s the content that drives the shredding program – not all confidential or proprietary information is on white paper!

Not only is EcoShredding fully focused on client needs, we’re also a locally-owned, Atlanta establishment that truly cares about our community. To learn more about switching to a local shredding company that will know you by name is responsive and has competitive prices, contact us.

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