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Hazards of Off-site Shredding

There are numerous shredding business out there, but Ecoshredding has an edge over competitors. Not only because we provide excellent customer service and quality shredding services but because we come to you.

We have a mobile shredding unit that comes to your location, wherever that may be. The reason were mobile is simple, it provides our customers with more security. We recognize how sensitive some of your documents may be and provide you with the highest possible amount of document security and confidentiality available.

As a consumer, you have no reason to trust an outsider with your personal documents. This is one of many reasons we shred on-site, to take the guesswork out of shredding!

Your unshredded documents never sit in piles for days at a time, they are shredded immediately and you can witness it all from our display monitor on the side of our mobile shredding truck! Many other companies may have thousands of documents lying around in stacks awaiting shredding, these documents are insecure and put clients at risk for identity theft and many other unfavorable scenarios. That’s not how we do things at Ecoshredding, we shred everything on site to rid you of any doubt you may have about the confidentiality of your personal documents. Give us a call for the most secure shredding service out there!

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