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Document Security: Why Identity Thieves Target Small Businesses

securityIf you own or work at a small business, it might be easy to think you’re not on identity thieves’ radars.

In April 2015, Small Business Committee Chairman Steve Chabot informed a hearing in Washington that 71% of cyber attacks occur at small businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Why are Small Businesses a Target??

Lack of Security – The number one reason why thieves target smaller companies is because they know those companies are more likely to not have a security protocol around proper document shredding and destruction. Therefore, they are much more likely to obtain confidential information.

Lack of Budget – Chabot also pointed out that smaller companies usually have budgets that don’t allow for security to be a top priority. Luckily, it doesn’t require huge spending to follow best practices.

Easier Targets – Small businesses typically have more assets than individuals, but have significantly less security measures than larger enterprises. At the same time, cyber criminals are more probable to use credit cards with smaller online merchants.

A Budget-Friendly Shredding Solution

There are many great solutions small businesses can utilize to combat identity criminals. Not all of them have to break the bank, either.

Companies can gain a quick win by giving security the proper importance it deserves. To follow through, companies must communicate and enforce it with employees for it to make a difference.

One possible solution to offset the cost of document shredding and the lack of expertise around privacy laws and legislation is to outsource it to a trusted shredding partner.

EcoShredding specializes in mobile document destruction. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and one-time purge service packages. Our experience and expertise in legal document destruction separate us from other shredding service providers.

We’ll help you determine the most economical schedule and make sure your business complies with legislation. Even if you are only in need of a one-time purge, we handle everything from just a few small boxes to several-thousand-pound boxes.

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