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Document Destruction: The Dangers of Off-Site Shredding

The Dangers of Off-Site Document ShreddingIf your business is a client of any major national shredding company, your secure shredding programs may recently have changed due to a merger within the industry, or a change could be in the works.

Recent mergers between national companies potentially could mean that your once attentive shredding service is no longer so conscientious of your needs. When choosing a shredding company, we believe that it’s important to have options, and that’s especially true when it comes to ensuring compliance and protecting your business.

Recently, several national shredding companies have decided that they’ll no longer be offering on-site shredding or charge a premium for the service.

To be clear, on-site shredding means your sensitive documents are shredded at your physical location where you or an employee have the opportunity to watch the destruction take place. Comparatively, off-site shredding means the documents are transported in a locked, GPS-monitored vehicles to our processing plant.

Knowing the Difference

It’s important that you know the difference between the two different types of trucks.

An on-site truck picks the container up from the side. Then, it places the container in a gripper that lifts it to an enclosed chamber and dumps it into the shredder. An off-site truck picks up the container from the rear.

Ask Yourself

Would you prefer to remain with on-site, or are you OK with losing security for an off-site program? Do you have any internal policies that specify on-site? There are no federal or state rules that specify one or the other but some organizations have internal policies that do.

On-Site Destruction

Outsourcing information destruction services has long established itself as a more efficient and convenient alternative to DIY. Some of the key features to our onsite secure shredding service include:

  • Comprehensive onsite destruction of documents with available proof of destruction certificates.
  • Highly trained specialists and equipment operators who have passed rigorous background checks and drug screenings.
  • A documented Chain-of-Custody to establish security, accountability and compliance.
  • Secure and environmentally friendly disposition of shredded materials

Whether you’re interested in on-site shredding or off-site, it should be your choice. Know what you’re getting and know what you’re paying for.

Not only is EcoShredding fully focused on client needs, we’re also a locally-owned establishment that truly cares about our community. To learn more about switching to a local shredding company that will know you by name, is responsive and has competitive prices, contact us today.

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