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Closing the Gap

We frequently discuss the importance of recycling, as this turns items that would otherwise end up in a landfill into new products. EcoShredding is committed to recycling all shredded paper. One part of the recycling process that is often overlooked, however, is “closing the gap.”

Closing the gap means not only recycling, but also buying products made from post-consumer waste — the stuff that was recycled. Buying products made from post-consumer waste increases the demand for recycling, and it decreases reliance on virgin resources, such as forests.

We can recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and more all day, but unless someone is turning these materials into new products that consumers are buying, what’s the point?

How do you know whether or not the products you already use are made from post-consumer waste? Read the label. Most products will even tell you the percentage of post-consumer materials used.

Just think, you could be buying printer paper made from old office papers we at EcoShredding shredded and recycled.

These days, many bottles, cans, bags, boxes and other packaging materials are made with recycled resources, so make sure you’re doing your part to close the gap.

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