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In-House Document Shredding: Calculating the Hidden Costs

Many businesses still practice DIY document destruction to cut costs.  What they might not realize is that in-house document shredding is not only less secure, but it’s also not very cost effective either. The problem is, document security continues to remain more important in the workplace with the average office worker using up to 45…
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Secure Paper Shredding Services: The Risks of DIY Document Destruction

Secure paper shredding services are crucial to keeping your company’s confidential information safe, but many business owners believe shredding in-house is an opportunity to reduce costs and dispose of materials more conveniently.
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The Risks Associated with Off-Site Document Shredding

Today, every business collects and maintains sensitive information. You may be wondering what to do with those important documents when they’re no longer needed. Customer lists, credit card information, medical records are all things that need to be properly shredded when it’s time to dispose of them.
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