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We receive great testimonials from our loyal customers and we'd like to share some of these stories with you. You'll see why EcoShredding is the best shredding service in and around Alpharetta, Georgia.

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Shredding for the Big Chicken

“Thank you so very much for conducting yet again, another great community opportunity to shred documents. Your generous service is appreciated by the City and the many people who came to have their personal documents shredded. I enjoy seeing how much people love this event. We value this partnership and hope to continue working with you and EcoShredding for future events.”

Terry Porter

City of Alpharetta

“My assistant hated shredding because our shredder was slow and loud! When I hired EcoShredding, she was thrilled! EcoShredding comes whenever our bin is full to shred our documents on site, quickly and cost effectively. I would highly recommend EcoShredding to any company that deals with sensitive client data. Call for a quote … you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it is to hire a professional!”

Jennifer Heal

Financial Advisor

EcoShredding does a superb job for us. In addition to their top-notch, friendly service, they provide our accounting firm with the peace of mind that comes from knowing our sensitive documents are being handled properly.

Robin McIntire


“EcoShredding is a fantastic concept – shredding your cares away the green way. Travis is extremely knowedgable and personable – a perfect combination for the service he provides. Travis is very involved the community and is often found standing in the rain while providing free shredding services at various locations — not only to promote what he does, but to give back to the community by educating the public about the necessity of shredding sensitive materials in business and at home. Wouldn’t hesitate to call on him or refer his business to anyone and everyone.”

Gina Versace-Vreeland

Owner, Everybody's Business, Inc.

Great Service! Just finished our job. Quick, efficient and complete destruction (while I watched). Best wishes for continued success.

Jim Campbell


Great company to work with for your shredding needs. Highly recommended! (no enron jokes, they’ve heard them all 🙂)

Monet IT Consulting, LLC

Thank you for your incredible service! Travis came out to my place in the truck, & took care of ALL of my boxes of old sensitive documents, bills, bank statements, receipts, etc. They had been piling up for years, & it was time to “take care” of them, properly! What a HUGE relief & peace of mind that it won’t end up in the wrong hands!! I would highly recommend EcoShredding to any business, as well as for personal.

Donna Wilson


THANK YOU! For a great Shredd Day event today!!! You all have been phenomenal throughout this planning process. The guys were punctual, polite, courteous, helpful and genuinely caring to all my guests that came today. I was pleased and appreciative. Look forward to using you again and recommending you to others. Thanks again. Kindest regards,

Erin Carper

Carper Wealth Management, LLC.

EcoShredding is an integral part of our policy for disposal of confidential documents. All documents containing confidential personal information shredded on-site and witnessed by both EcoShredding and a Marathon HR employee. In addition, we get great service and support a locally owned and operated business.

Ralph Cimperman


As a CPA with my own firm, I constantly have to worry about my clients’ information being abused/stolen when we remove files from our premises. It is calming to know that EcoShredding’s truck is outside door shredding every file without me having to worry if any slip of paper is lost between my office and another shredding company’s location.

Without any reservation, we recommend Peg Hussing/EcoShredding to shred our sensitive documents.

Scotty M. Wages

CPA, Wages & Company, P.C.

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